Halloween Fun at Yorkmaze Hallowscream

image Last year I decided it would be a good idea to book tickets for Yorkmaze Hallowscream – a Halloween fright night with 5 live attractions to terrify you.  I spent three weeks before having nightmares because I don’t do scary…however the night came and yes I was terrified but I loved every minute.

So this year I eagerly awaited the time the tickets would go on sale.  My sister and friend went for Fri 23rd October and I couldn’t wait.  I was still freaking out a bit but felt a little more prepared than last time.  I know they have recently won awards for their Hallowscream nights and they are well deserved!

This year was bigger and better, everything felt much more terrifying.  Even the queues! Last year we just had a marque with zig zags of metal fences this year we had narrow walled mazes it seemed decorate to represent the different scare elements.  This may not sound too exciting but when you could hear that chainsaw but not know where it was… I also really enjoyed the cameras and to screens set up so whilst you queued you could enjoy the fellow visitors jumps and scares!

Even the attractions had been improved! The freak show which had just been amongst hay bales (still scary) with only a small part in the maze had been made to fit around the maze meaning you had to enter a pitch black maze unable to see anything around you, the wind rustling and the freaks leaping out at every turn made it truly terrifying!

My favourites were Reincornation and The Difference Engine! I love the intensity the Difference Engine has on your senses. Small spaces, pitch black and thick fog all the while the actors pop out of what seems like nowhere.  Reincornation is crazy because of the illusions and tricks it plays on your mind.  Trying to get across the mind altering bridge while a crazy clown blocks your path is hilarious with hindesight but at the time I was clinging for dear life thinking that bridge was going to spin all the way round and I would fall off!


This is by far one of my favourite things to do this time of year and despite the hour drive to get there it just makes it all worthwhile not just the attractions but the whole atmosphere and actors running round scareing you just while your trying to have a peaceful drink! It’s defiantly going to be a scary but entertaining evening! I will defiantly be back next year (I kind of wish I was going again already but I believe all the tickets have sold out 🙁). If you have been before or been to something similar let me know in the comments!


Plum Paper Planner Love

PicMonkey Collage

Oh my goodness I have waited over a month for this planner to arrive and I am so in love with it!

I saw a few videos on Youtube of people decorating the Erin Conrad or Plum Paper planner and decided I needed one for myself.  As I have just started my final year of uni and am going to be super busy I thought this was a good way to get organised!

Plus I love being creative and the idea of weekly spreads, stickers and washi tape just sound like heaven to me!  So my first impressions of the planner:  I loved it!  I love the personalisation which is at no extra cost.  There were a lot of designs to choose from and I did spend a while deciding on the cover.  The planner arrived in a box surrounded by bubble wrap so it was in perfect condition.

I love the different coloured tabs for the months of the year (I added an extra 6 months to mine for a small extra cost). Each month had a monthly goals, birthdays and events page, some note paper and monthly spread and then the weekly spread.  I really like the layout and I think they had 3 different choices for the layout I went with the morning, afternoon and evening option.  There is also a pocket file at the end of the planner to keep any loose notes etc.

The paper feels lovely and very good quality which was more than what I expected.  The ring binder that holds it all together is also very sturdy and despite me having the extra 6 months it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

I really love the overall look and style of the planner and am so happy with it!  If you want some weekly spread posts where I decorate my week with a theme let me know – I cannot wait for Halloween! If any of you have a planner let me know where you get your supplies from – being in the UK seems to have some limitations on a variety of stock!

The Intern – Heart-warming and full of laughs!


I own an unlimited card from Cineworld and as an unlimited member I get to go to their Unlimited Screenings (films that are shown before their release to unlimited members).  So on Monday I went to see The Intern, featuring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway – two actors I adore.

The Intern focuses on a 70 year old widower who is finding retirement a little difficult – he’s tried everything from Yoga to Mandarin lessons.  He applies for a Senior Intern programme at About the Fit – an online clothing site created by Hathaway’s character Jules.  Booming with huge success in 18 months Jules is struggling to manage her business and spend time with her husband and young daughter.  De Niro’s character is assigned to Jules who is a little reluctant to the idea of having a 70 year old intern. I won’t spill any more.

I seriously enjoyed this film! De Niro is superb, fitting in with the young hip interns while still adding some old fashion gentlemanly essence.  Hathaway is inspiring as she struggles to make her home/work life balance.  I laughed a lot during this film something about it feels very fresh!  It comes out on the 2nd October in the UK so I definitely recommend.  I am already tempted to go and see it again!

Let me know if you go and see this film?  Or if you have seen a great film recently – I always like suggestions!!

How I clean my make-up brushes…

PicMonkey Collage

I thought I would share with you how I clean my make-up brushes and share some tips I’ve used since my collection of brushes got bigger.  I hate it when Sunday comes around and I know I should be cleaning my brushes.


My brushes after they have been deep cleaned 🙂

To deep clean my brushes (if I’ve been lazy and haven’t washed them for a while), I use an anti-bacterial washing up liquid.  This way I know my brushes have had a good clean and the bacteria build up has gone.  If I’m washing my brushes every week I use a baby shampoo (it doesn’t matter which) as this is gentle on my brushes and doesn’t make the hairs fall out.  Once a month I also use a conditioner on my brushes to keep them nice and soft.  I normally use whatever conditioner I have lying around…usually one of those conditioners that comes with a hair dye kit.  I also have a silicone oven mitt – not a Sigma one as there is no way I can afford them!  I bought mine for around £3 on eBay.  It works great and stops my hand from going all wrinkly.

So to start with I soak the brush heads.  Then I pour some washing up liquid or baby shampoo onto my mitt.  I then swirl the brush round till it foams up well (for my foundation brushes I use my fingers to make sure that all the product build up at the end of the brush head gets cleaned away).


I then go through all the brushes making sure they are super foamy.  After that I rinse them all, some may need two washes and this is usually for my foundation brushes because they are the brushes that often have the most build up.  If I am conditioning my brushes I apply some to the mitt and then go through each brush and swirl them in the conditioner.  Then go back to the first brush and rinse in warm water.  After that I squeeze each brush head to get the excess water off and then give them a gentle dry on a towel.  I then lay them all out flat and leave to dry. DSC_0018

One tip that I often use for my eye make-up brushes.  If they have a dark colour on the brush and you don’t want to have to clean the brush every time is to use an anti-bacterial wipe.  These are great at getting rid of the product build up on the brush without soaking it.  You can just dry it quickly with a towel and your good to go.

I do try and wash my brushes at least once a week but it takes so long now that I get a bit lazy but it can’t be just me??!!  Let me know your tips for cleaning your brushes?

Books I have been obsessed with!

I am a huge fan of futuristic books – my kindle is full of them.  So when someone recommended Erika Johansen’s The Queen of the Tearling I made a note and decided to take a look.  I must admit when I first saw the cover I thought – what?  It just made me thing of the medieval era and not something I would enjoy.  I had a read of the reviews and I was sold.

The story is based around a nineteen year old Kelsea Glenn who has been in hiding all these years waiting to claim her throne.  However her kingdom is in chaos and she must try to save her people and her kingdom from the clutches of the elusive Red Queen.  I was hooked the minute I started the book – it is set in the far far future and there is no power, technology etc and it is almost like we have gone back in time.  Something that I found extremely refreshing!

When I finished the first book I immediately wanted to start the second but alas it hadn’t been released yet! After a torturous few months it was finally released…and let me tell you it was even better than the first!

The second book focuses is on Kelsea as she tries to control the magic she has come to possess whilst preparing for war with the Red Queen.  We also delve into the past through Kelsea’s visions and slowly find out how the future came to be – which was extremely fascinating and fitted in with the story perfectly.

I won’t go into too much detail as I don’t want to ruin it for anyone but if you haven’t read these books you should! Simple as they are incredible stories and I desperate for the final book in the trilogy to be released because the ending was like OH MY GOD!

Let me know what you think of these books if you have read them?  And also if you have any good recommendations? I am always after new books to get!

A little stationary haul…

stationary cover I am a complete stationary addict!  I seriously get those warm, fuzzy feelings just looking at journals, pens, paper and pencil cases (it can’t just be me I know there are more of you out there).  As I am going back to university next week I wanted to treat myself to some new stationary as it is like the best thing about going back to school right?  The dread of essays and work is all diminished by the prospect of a new shiny pen and a fancy notepad!

stationary collageTK Maxx  – not your typical stationary shop but I love their notebook and journals. I picked up two notebooks both with gold lettering, a pink A5 size which has the quote “live the life you love” and another a little bit bigger than A5 with a slightly beige leather effect cover with the quote “write”.  They also had a box of 12 pencils in cream, black and gold with different designs.

Paperchase – while there is a million things I would love to buy from there I only picked up a pencil case. It’s a shiny type material on the outside. I love the raindrop pattern and the zip is also raindrop too which is cute!

New Look – again not your usual stationary shop, but I noticed these cute unicorn note pads whilst in the queue along with some other notepads and pencils.  I only picked up the unicorn set though as the other note pads were hardbacks and I’m not so keen on hardback notepads.

Poundshop – if you are on a budget I recommend going here for some of your stationary needs! I got 3 A4 ring binders in neon pink, orange and green.  These feel really good quality and seem very strong for only a pound! I also got a nu A4 notepad and some Papermate pens in black and coloured.

Write Notepad – £7.99  Live the Life you Love Notepad – £4.99 Gold/Black/Cream Pencils – £3.99

Raindrop Pencil case – £6.00

Unicorn Notepads (Pack of 3) £3.99

Ringbinders – £1 each  Papermate Pens (Pack of 5) £1

I still have a few things to buy and I have also just purchased a Plum Paper Planner (which I am way too excited about) I can’t wait for it to arrive! Let me know what your stationary must haves are or if you have a Plum Paper Planner already I’d love to hear your thoughts!